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The Origins of Arthur

Part 1 is here.

Ok, now that we've got the basics down we can get down to business and start looking for that Arthur character! In this post I would like to explain the basic situation in England in the 5th century and show some early sources.

This turned out longer than expected, so no knights yet. But we'll get there, I promise.

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The Middle Ages and what we see in them
I love Merlin. I ship Merlin/Arthur like mad. I very rarely comment on fanfiction but read tons of it. I also study Medieval History at university and realize that they got pretty much everything wrong from a historian's point of view. So I while I tried to think of a topic for my thesis today I decided I would rather try to explain some of the inaccuracies and the reasons behind them. Then I noticed that I'd have to explain the history of Arthurian literature and sources as well. And the reason we call the Middle Ages what we call them.

I apologize for all the mistakes I might make in this. English is not my first language and I'm neither an expert for English Literature nor for British History. Please correct me if you find any mistakes. The info I use mostly comes from lectures and seminars I have taken as well as some books, most of which are in German. I also apologize if this has been done elsewhere - I don't want to steal anything.

I hope I can give in an insight into Medieval History - it truly is fascinating. I don't want to scare you off, so just a short introduction post for now...

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